An Epic Love Tale

The depth of my soul cries out

To the one who's imprints

Has laid on its soul,

My heart sings out to you,

As much as I love you,

My heart wants to hold onto you for decades and centuries

Yet I know that in another life

Our love will once again blossom

From the depths of our souls

We will journey through cosmic stars

As Venus match with Venus

On a cold chilly evening

Our tears will fall under the same moon

As each one of us will pray

To up above asking our saviour

To keep watch over the other.

Here's my heart my soul

That will wander searching

For the other half of my heart,

The way I've always loved you

The way you've always charmed me.


Your beautiful smile,

Those dark brown eyes of yours

That smile I use to put on your lips,

I'm no Shakespeare, no Keats,

But this I know as a poet

I've come to serenade you with words

As you've always been my number

One true fan.

Oh how I've loved your praise,

Having you be apart of my life

Was heaven, yet here on earth?

The ocean has separated us.

There's not a person in this

World that can tell me what we had

Wasn't epic, we came through

The worst and each time we got

It right, someone cannot describe

To me ever what the perfect love

Feels like.

You were my epic tale,

A love filled with tragedy, beauty

A lover’s fa tale,

Two women from two opposites

Of the world,

But no one, love no one,

Will ever love like you've loved me.

I found healing in your love,

I've found compassion, encouragement,

I've found abundance in the faith

You've shared with me,

Your love was what carried me through.

The depths of your heart will always

Be combined with mine.

You're the inspiration where my

Words use to flow.

Tears will fall tonight as they stream

Endlessly because of what I've lost.

In your own words

"Creo que eres hermosa.
Y probablemente no deberĂ­a decir esta Ășltima parte,
Pero me gustas tu"

"I think you're beautiful.

And I probably shouldn't say this last part, but I like you."

“Mi alma es tuya te la entrego
Soy completo para ti”

My heart is yours, I give it to you

I am complete for you.

Copyright C Davids @ 28/10/2011


Legan_DavidAbout the Author : Chimnese is poet, blogger and an artist from Cape Town, South Africa. She blogs on genres like book-reviews, music-lyrics, movie-reviews, short stories and everything you can think of. Her blog is like her little online library, where she brings all the different worlds together. While she writes at a lot of places, you can read it all together at her blog - My Poetry & Writing.

2 people read and said:

A grain of sand said...

This was simply beautiful. I don't want to say more,lest it lessens the beauty of this post!

We will journey through cosmic stars

As Venus match with Venus"

here , how about 'As Venus matches with Mars'...


Chim's World of Literature said...

Hi there thank you for reading my poem. About the Venus and venus, I actually wrote it about two females and that's why I cudnt use Venus and Mars. That be a female nd a male. But either way I'm sure it be still ok.
Thanks for your lovely comment :)