Every move that she makes holds my eyes and I fall for her every time.

Turning my wishes into reality, what they called just a fantasy;
That beautiful girl, who can make me like the one.

Together alone in that dark night, just stars to look for;
Perfect and so pure, it didn’t seem so real yet ‘twas.

Knowing her as I now know myself, thought that I disliked at first;
But the world changed, just because she smiled.


Reaching out to each other on texts and calls, begins a new hope;
Those good mornings’ and the nights’ kisses, a new lease of life.

Confused and lost, yet feeling wonderful, about the endless talks;
A brighter smile, and those razors have are nowhere around anymore.

A feeling so blessed, when our lips touch, cheeks caress, eyes gaze, hearts float;
The air is light, gasping, reacting, both reaching deep.

Within each others’ soul, our dreams entwine and wishes come true;
A life that we now have, a love to love forever!

4 people read and said:

Simran said...

Beautiful :)

And BTW...When you're coming to my blog? Remember that promise ..? :P

Live2cherish said...

I can't just get enough of your posts.
Comments and praises now seem redundant unlike the joy you bring when i read your posts.

Gargi Gupta said...

So she smiled and your world changed? I'll buy that..anything is possible in love and war :D

S said...

I was there :D

You've known me long now, any word of appreciation from you matters a lot to me. Stay around and take care! :)

And I thought we'd get into a debate. But you just gave up too easily! :P