When God created humans
He gave birth to eternity
He created humanity for our survival
Moulding us with love, care and affection
When I was a little girl
I found myself dispelling away from humanity.
For me the priority was myself
Assembling happiness I forgot the dispersing pain around
Later on I learned from my mother what love is
From my father what care really means
My friends taught me what is trust and amity
As I grew up I found myself in embrace of humanity
Beholding me together with the bond of emotions

Many great men sacrificed their lives for the sake of humanity
Mahatma Gandhi’s step of non violence made us free
Showing us the path of humanity with ethos
Mother Teresa’s unconditional love and care
Implemented the existence of humanity
Nelson Mandela engendered equality with equanimity
Evading away racism disparities
Humanity sustained nature’s beauty


But what now..?
Questions are uprising into my mind,
Where has that humanity gone?
Why does one human have feeling of hatred for other?
Why there is so much anger?
I found myself depressed in this mean world
I started my search of Humanity
And when I stopped wandering
I looked within myself and found humanity
Tarnished with the bulk of anger, and selfishness

I re-ventilated the windows of humanity within my heart
And felt at peace
Do not search for the humanity
It’s within you…

You need to recognize and feel it
It has always been there!

About the Author

image Simran Kaur is a girl with predispose thoughts. Whatever amazes her, she pens her thoughts down in a reflection of poetry. For her friendship is the precious gift of the God. She doesn’t want anything from this life but the love that beholds the Humanity. To read and encourage her, visit Simran’s My Friendship

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