Ten (10) Ways To Get Rid Of Rejection From The One You Love

It hurts to be rejected by the person you love. While you can't make someone love you, you can try and change the things you do that they don't like. This might not work; sometimes the person who rejects you is in love with someone else. There's not much you can do about that, short of magic potions and charms, which only work well in Harry Potter movies. Try these ideas to turn the person you love back to you.

1. Learn about what the person you love is interested in. If they're interested in baseball, make an effort to learn more about the game. You don't have to squash your own personality for someone else; you just want them to know you care about them and their interests.

2. Spice up your conversation.
If all you talk about is what an awful day you had at work or what the latest LED TV reviews said, you're probably a little boring. Keep up on current events and talk just enough to be interesting without throwing a lot of boring facts into the conversation. Just remember that discussing politics and religion can cause heated arguments, which might drive your love further out the door. Only talk about these subjects if you already know the other person's opinion-- and agree with it.

3. Don't nag. No one person owns anyone else. Each person is personally responsible for the way they dress, the time they leave for work in the morning and what they have for breakfast before they go. Bite your tongue when he or she leaves for work late; they have to suffer the consequences, not you.

4. Ask what's wrong. Maybe you have irritating habits you haven't bothered to change, thinking they didn't make a difference. If you know what the problems are, you can decide whether you want to fix them.

5. Change what you can, but stay your own person. Someone who wants you to change completely doesn't really love you for yourself. As hard as it may be, it might be better to let them go.

6. Be a real person. So many people put on a different persona when they're in love with someone. But if you get them back, forever is a long time to pretend you're someone you're not.

7. Think of the other person first. If everyone in the world put the person they love before them, the world would be a much nicer place. Being selfish may be driving the person you love away. Don't be a doormat, though; someone who truly loves you doesn't expect you to be.

8. Plan special times together.
If you spend fun times together, the person you love may realize again what a wonderful person you really are.

9. Don't beg and grovel. Nothing turns some people off like someone who beg for love. Keep your dignity and act as if you deserve their love because of who you are, not because you whimper like a dog at their feet.

10. Don't let yourself go, physically or mentally, even if you're feeling sad or depressed. Get up, get dressed and look as good as you can all day. Don't look depressed and slovenly; look like someone that the person you love would want to spend time with.

Sometimes you can't win back the person you love. But you'll have your best chance if you look like the kind of person that anyone would fall in love with--interesting, fun, caring and considerate.

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