Love - bittersweet; Spark - irrepressible!

Do you know what it's like to be in love?
Well, you asked the wrong person. I have no idea.

Was just thinking. I mean what exactly to expect out of love.
             Okay. So you mean you like someone now and you want to know if it's love?

I guess. Wonder if it's like some infatuation, just deeper or can you tell for sure?
             Yes! I think it's similar just more pure and deep; that feeling something special when you're with them.

How would you know? You’re a guy, and you don't get things like this, I’m sure. 
            Well, may be! I suppose there should be that ‘Spark’ which makes us sure?

Ohh! Do you believe in that ‘Spark’ too? I have it for someone for sure!
            To be honest, I’m feeling that ‘Spark’ right now but it could have been my stomach rumbling. I'd just eaten a family size pizza!

Shut up! I’m sure you know what it is, tell me who is the girl?
            An ordinary girl, but really beautiful, sensible yet dumb, funny yet clueless friend of mine. Who is the ‘Spark-creator’ for you?

This guy I’ve known for sometime now. good-looking, clever, witty and puts a smile on my face instantly when I see or talk to him.
              So you should let him know about it!

I would, but he is much like a pair of ear-rings to me, you know..
              What?! A pair of ear-rings? Yes, you are not making any sense to me..

I have them on the whole day and I adore them. Few may compliment me on them, and be nice, and I feel good. But, I take them off for the night, I have no ear-rings in, and my piercings are empty; they are no more in touch with an ear-ring all night. So this guy and I don't really know each other much beyond job-time.
             So you narrated this long-lame story about your ear-rings to say; “I only talk to him during the job”.. that was not confusing, at all!

It may have confused you, but it had sense. You know i want to keep my ear-rings in at night too.
             Hmm.. keep them in, it should work, trust me. Impose contact; but not that scary-kind-of-creepy-contact, you know? Try!?

Okay.. once you reach back home after work in about 3 hours from now, text me. I want to keep my ear-rings in, so I'll speak to you job. I warn you, this idea better works, and since you’ve put this is my mind, you better won’t make 'That spark' go away, more since you're that ‘spark-creator’ !

5 people read and said:

maithili said...

Ah this looks good now :)

Once again I would say, I loved the co-relation with earrings :) Beautiful!

I always tend to like the conversations you write :)

Live2cherish said...

Geez! now i am looking at my earrings from a whole new perspective. :)

Rohan said...

Nice! Put a smile on my face. .

Suruchi said...

haha...relationships are like ear rings-only you could have come up with it! such a perfect allegory though...

nice though not necessary...
the brighter and eye catchy are appreciated sometimes and the sober do the task at some other-so better have a few of them to keep you bouncing with all your moods:-)

was this poetical too-or it is just me finding it so?

S said...

@Maithili -
Thanks for the suggestion, it definitely looks better now :)
What do I say, I am glad you do! Keep reading and leaving your views :)

@Live2cherish -
Haha! Pria, that was the sweetest comment on this post, thank you :)

@Rohan -
That makes me happy :)

@Suruchi -
:D That was an inspiration from something I noticed few days back, never knew it would be liked by everyone so much :)
True! So you are suggesting to keep some choices or 'earrings'? :P
It was poetic, you should come up with something soon!