Stars and her this last Saturday midnight.


    Well past Saturday midnight and we could barely breathe. The moon and the night looked quite beautiful through the stained window, my hand around her waist and she looked dizzy. I heard the slowed down city traffic below and felt that fresh wintery breeze while you were breathing against my neck. We were content.

      It was a long night of dancing. I was exhausted and probably she was wearing comfortable shoes, so I decided on walking her back to her apartment. Ignoring the traffic lights, joking and teasing, becoming dizzy with ecstasy we kept walking till we stopped for a moment to gaze at the empty sky. Life looked perfect then. But she disagreed, and we debated. Though eventually I gave up, kissing her nose and cuddling her along. 

     It is Monday evening now and I guess she must be still thinking of me. Although it is foggy, the plants on the windowsill won't look so fresh; they are wilting and so are we. It is Monday and we are distanced. 

     Reminiscing of her silk smile and blue eyes, that strand of hair always hiding her expression. I think back to our Saturday night and wish that I was with her again, and I tuck her under the feather blankets wrapped in my arms. I would have stroked her curls and whispered in her ear to fall asleep and have sweet dreams, while I could keep staring at that angelic beauty.

      My eyes flicker open, it is still as misty. She is still gone, probably back to her home far away from here. I know she must be missing me too. Patiently, I’d wait if someday she will walk through my door and we will be happy.

    And now I realize why you argued how life is not always good when you're not in it, and just stops abruptly.

    Obviously there are still no stars in the sky of this city.

3 people read and said:

Suruchi said... many amazing love-shove stories but sad waale kyon:(
Love stories are more soothing with happy endings-if they don't come with the guarantee of one-keep trying and testing till you succeed:-)

Gargi Gupta said...

Sounds realistic..Is that a true story? Regardless, very well penned down.How life is not always good...hmmm

commited to life said...


can guys be this romantic...

last line concluded the post so well